9.14 Joint Custody Revolution

Meeting at House of Representatives “Why is Japan being blamed?”

The news that Vincent Fichot from France, who was separated from his children by his Japanese wife, went on a hunger strike at Sendagaya station has been broadcast in many countries, and Japan’s family law system has been criticised abroad. However, the Legislative Council on Family Law is ignoring these voices from abroad. News Paper Red Flag (Daily/weekly organ by Japanese Comminist Party) and The Tokyo Shinbun (Tokyo Newspaper) have started to oppose joint custody in order to protect women’s child-rearing from “dangerous men”. The men who are not taking care of their children, “(Men) are not yet ready to demand joint custody” (cited from “How to protect children after divorce” by Chizuko Ueno). …… scholars also dislike men’s parenting.

But “joint custody” became a trending word after the divorce of “Ai-chan of table tennis (Ai Fukuhara)”. In the case of celebrity divorces, it is not unusual for the weekly magazines to mention joint custody. The priority has been given to the “tradition” of associating parental separation (divorce) with the separation of parents and children, rather than gender equality. This is the reason why the state has neglected the issues of single parenting, the separation of parents and children, and the sole custody system. Which is more out of step with the times?

Date: Tuesday 14 September, 15:00-18:30

Place: Multi-Purpose Conference Room, House of Representatives 2


  1. Report on the Joint Custody Litigation
  2. Online Talk by Ms. Dora Tauzin (writer / journalist)

“Is it OK for dads to be left out?”

  1. Speech 

Mr. Vincent Fichot

Lives in Japan. His children were abducted and he went on a hunger strike in front of Sendagaya Station.

Mr. Thierry Consigny

Member of the French Parliament living outside France 

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★Schedule for September 14★

<The 5th Oral Argument in the Joint Custody Litigation> 

From 13:30 @ Tokyo District Court, Courtroom 706 
Please come and listen!

11:10 – Request to the Tokyo Family Court to improve the operation 
◆ 11:00 Gather in front of the Tokyo Family Court

12:00-13:00 Publicity on the street in front of Tokyo District Court 
◆ Please hand out leaflets with us!

13:30- 5th Oral Argument @ Tokyo District Court, Courtroom 706 
*The State will answer questions from the Court

15:00 – 18:30 Meeting at House of Representatives: “Why is Japan being blamed?” 
◆ All are welcome to attend.

Speakers’ Profiles 

Dora Tauzin

International journalist who works as a “bridge between Japan and France”. Essayist. She writes and lectures on a wide range of topics, from everyday life and fashion to women’s issues, urban development and work-life balance.

She is the author of many books including “The French Become Beautiful as They Get Older” (Daiwa Shobo Publisher), “The French are More Women than Mother” 

(Shogakukan Bunko Publisher), and “The Self Revolution of a Man Who is Loved” (Tokuma Shoten). Her articles in web magazines include “Can we stop the decline in Japan’s birthrate? Searching for the hints from a French paradox ‘working women birth children’ ”, “Why isn’t marriage popular in France, the land of love?”,  and “What is childcare and nursing care in France? Japan, let’s fight for love!” She also spoke actively about fathers’ parenting and joint custody. Home Page: www.doratauzin.net

Vincent Fichot

A French national living in Japan whose two children were taken away by his Japanese wife in August 2018 and who has not seen them since. His hunger strike during the Tokyo Olympics 2020 received international support with visits from the French presidential envoy and the ambassadors of EU member states to Japan. In 2020, he lobbied the EU Parliament and a petition condemning Japan’s abduction of biological children had been adopted. 

Thierry Consigny

Member of the French Parliament living outside France. Writer. He has worked with Left Behind Parents (LBP) to lobby the international community for Japan’s accession to the Hague Convention on international divorce matters. He has also lobbied the Japanese government for many years to reform Japan’s family law system.